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SMT material with the feeder
Frame size D(length) * W(width) * H(height) 580x460x1180MM
Product access methods Roll material on both sides of the track precision gear feed belt out of the way
Applicable tape range Paper width 8mm, thickness 0.25-1.0mm
After the number of empty feeder 1-3PCS
Battery life 12-15 hours
Feeding cycle (C / T) 8S (excluding manual loading and unloading time)
Material feeding accuracy +/-0.05MM
Operation interface 10-inch touch screen
Signal interface Device online I / O signal
Ethernet communication interface TCP/1P 10/100Mbps
Tray scanning code System analysis to generate bar code printing docking
control method PLC + man-machine interface
SMART FUNCTION Timely alarm; timely start and stop; real-time automatic control; real-time monitoring; real-time self-adjustment