Platform automatic locking screw machine
Equipment size 570*610*640mm(L*W*H)
Drive mode 4-axis precision stepper drive
positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Lockout range 170*200*70mm(X*Y*Z)
use Applicable to various types of consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, cordless phones, calculators, navigators, audio, cameras, laptops, tablets, learning machines, small appliances, etc.
The main function With intelligent detection, leak detection can be detected, floating locks, sliding teeth and so on
Flexibility, standard universal fixture for a variety of models of the screw lock to pay
Versatility, replacement screw delivery module, suction nozzle, the first batch can be adapted to M1.0 ~ M4 screw lock to pay
Equipment compact, can be put into the production line, and take the standard pre-release function, unmanned operation
Double Y-axis design, alternating work, no take-off and release time, to maximize production efficiency
Lock attached speed 1.2S/PCS
Programming method Teaching
Signal interface Online I / O signal
control method PLC + touch screen control system
The main advantage 1. Float repair 2. lock fool-proof 3. Off-line programming, CAD import, CCD scratched 4. Magnetizing 5. Smart material 6. Data statistics 7. Torque curve