Platform automatic soldering machine
Equipment size 510*440*780mm(L*W*H)
Drive mode 5-axis precision stepper drive
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
R-axis positioning accuracy ±0.05°
Application areas Applicable to all kinds of semiconductor products, optical products, electronic products, general household appliances, precision machinery / electrical products
Features 1.Can be a variety of workpiece for high-speed drag welding, spot welding, slash welding;
2.Array of solder paste copy, parameter copy function;
3.Unique welding product name settings, call lookup more intuitive;
4.Chinese user-friendly interface, dynamic display running coordinates, welding cycle, output, name, intuitive visual parameter settings;
Send tin way Editable multi-stage tin delivery
Programming method Teaching
Signal interface Online I / O signal
Control method PLC + touch screen control system