Online lock screw machine
Equipment size 1100x700x1650(L*W*H)
Drive mode Servo motor plus precision screw drive
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
For screw way Inflatable
Use Applicable to various types of consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, cordless phones, calculators, navigators, audio, cameras, laptops, tablets, learning machines, small appliances, etc.
Main feature The device uses inflatable air to send the screw structure, lock with high speed, wide range of applications, scalability, several machines can be formed into a production line and so on
Lock attached speed 1.2S/PCS
Programming method Teaching
Signal interface Online I / O signal
Control method PLC + touch screen control system
Main advantage 1. Float repair 2. Lock fool proof 3. Off-line programming 4. Smart materials 5. Data statistics 6. Torque curve