Platform type automatic lock screw machine

Frame size L (length) * W (width) * H (height)


Driving method

Four-axis precision stepper drive

positioning accuracy


Locking range




control method

PLC + Touch screen control system

Operation interface

7" touch screen

Signal interface

Online I/O signal

Ethernet communication interface

TCP/IP 10/100Mbps


1. With intelligent detection function, can detect missing locks, floating locks, sliding teeth, etc.? 2. Flexibility, the standard universal fixture for a variety of models of screw lock pay? 3. Strong versatility, replacement screw delivery module , suction nozzle, batch head can adapt to the screw lock M1.0 ~ M4 pay 4. The device is compact, can be put into the production line, and standard before the post-putting function, unmanned operation? 5. Double Y-axis design, Alternate operations, no pick and place product time, maximize production efficiency


Timely alarm; timely change line; timely start and stop;

Real-time automatic control; real-time monitoring;